California Plague Report, Winter 2010

Follow this link to read the report on California plague surveillance for the winter of 2010.

Plague report 2010

Plague report for winter, 2010


To view a report on plague surveillance activities for winter of 2010 from the Vector-Borne Disease Section, California Department of Public Health press this link: PDF report.

Plague positive rodents 2008

The following link is to a table showing plague-positive rodents tested in conjunction with the California Department of Public Health, Vector-borne Disease Section Plague Surveillance Program.

Plague-positive rodents 2008

Category B - Mosquito biology and control

Category B includes the classification and identification of mosquitoes of California, their biology and ecology, and the control of mosquitoes using modern methods that fall under strategies known as integrated pest management (IPM), or integrated vector management (IVM). Also included in this category are methods of surveillance for mosquitoes and public relations associated with mosquito control.

Category A - Pesticide application and safety

Category A covers the application of public health pesticides and the procedures and equipment needed to ensure the safety of applicators, the public, and the environment from adverse effects of such applications. Some of the topics in this category are descriptions of public health pests; classification of pesticides; pesticide labeling; first aid procedures for pesticide poisoning; protective clothing and equipment of pesticide applications; the use of pesticide application equipment, including calibration; and the handling of pesticide wastes. Chemicals used for weed control (herbicides) are also covered here.

Vector-borne Disease Bulletin

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CA Arbovirus Bulletins